KINESIS : Solo project
CRYSTAL NETWORK : Salva / Serotonik
NORTHERN LIGHTS : Salva / JP Ghedjati


Polaris - Tribal quest / Kinesis rmx (Digidelights V.1 DDC rds)
Random Vs Intergalactoid - 88 mph / Kinesis rmx (SPUN rds)
Kinesis - 12-21-12 (End game - Spun rds /
Kinesis - The prophecy (Goamoon vol 2.2)
Kinesis - Virtual chronicles (goa trip vol 2)
Kinesis vs Audiobrain - Defending freedom (Goa transmission vol 1)
Kinesis - Choose your life (SyncroMusic rds)
Kinesis - The prophecy (VA next day express - Geomorning star)
Kinesis vs Audiobrain - Defending freedom (Virtual chronicles)
Kinesis - Memories (Virtual chronicles)
Kinesis - Global warning (Virtual chronicles)
Kinesis - Virtual Chronicles (Virtual chronicles)
Crystal Network - Symbols are a language (Virtual chronicles)
Crystal Network - Particles (Virtual chronicles)
Crystal Network - Elements (Virtual chronicles)
Crystal Network vs Biokinetix : Crystal activity (goamoon vol 2.1)
Crystal Network : Symbols are a language (Goa sun vol 1)
Crystal Network : Elements (Power house vol1 PH rds)
Co Album Virtual Chronicles compiled by Kinesis (Geo morning star rds)
Crying Freemen EP - (digital drugs rds)
Crying Freemen - Condemned (goa trax vol 1)
Crying Freemen vs Lamat - Spiritual NRG (VA monte mapu Ovnimoon rds)
Crying Freemen album - digital guardians (geomorning star) 
Crying Freemen - I have a dream (Virtual chronicles)
Crying Freemen vs Sunrize – Oxygen (Connection Goaty Prod)
Crying Freemen - I control (Midijum rds)
Crying Freemen - Odyssée 2006 (Mysterious force V/A Mahogany-rds)
Crying Freemen - I have a dream (Mysterious force V/A Mahogany-rds)
Crying Freemen vs Galaktik Waves - Listen up (Ping Pong V/A Shivlink rds)
Crying Freemen - I Control (goamoon V/A Goa Rds)
Crying Freemen - U can loose your mind (Digital speakers V/A Kagdila rds)
Crying Freemen vs Life Extension - Let me out (Positive Alchemists Vol.3 Avigmatic Rds) 
Northern Lights - echosystem (goa trip vol 2)
Northern Lights - Relax (Virtual chronicles)
Northern Lights - Out (Virtual chronicles)
Northern Lights - Echosystem (Virtual chronicles)


V/A End Game compiled by Kinesis
Kinesis - The remixes 
V/A ... compiled by Kinesis vs Polypheme
V/A State of Emergency by Crying freemen 
Kinesis : We are dreaming (Goa rds)
Kinesis debut album (Beyond the galaxy)
Crystal Network album (Goa rds)
Northern lights album ( Geomornig star rds) 


Access Virus TI

Nord lead Modular G2

Alesis Andromeda A6

Access Virus C

Oberheim OB12

Nord lead 2

TC electronic Powercore

Dynaudio BM6A loud-speakers

Mac Pro quadcore 2.66ghz 

Mac G5 dualcore 2.5ghz

Mac book Pro dual core 2.5ghz

Sound card MOTU 828 MK2

Sound card Native instruments 8dj

Sound card Luna 2

MOTU interface midi 128

Behringer Eurorack MX 2004A

Samsung SyncMaster 215 TW

Samsung SyncMaster 913 BM

Apple LED cinema display 24"

UAD 1 card

Logic audio 9

Ableton Live 7

Evolution U control UC-33

Traktor scratch pro

Native instruments sound card 8dj

Roland edirol PCRM 1